'Funny and sexy and briskly written, it's a page-turning domestic melodrama for the social media age.’ – Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald.

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‘Wife On the Run is so completely relatable that I found myself drawn further and further into the narrative and didn’t want to put it down. I think everyone in a long term monogamous relationship is going to find something in this book that speaks to them.’ – Beauty and Lace Book Club.

‘A timely, family-based drama… Some of the learnings are fun and funny, some are painful, some are surprising.’ – News-Mail.

‘Higgins is generous with twists and turns, nothing formulaic here.’ – Country Style

‘Fiona Higgins weaves a gripping tale around powerful themes: how social media can control and ruin lives, trust betrayed and the lost expectations of children for happy families. It’s an adrenaline-filled journey, and you may not be able to put the book down…’ – Good Reading

‘Aussie author Fiona Higgins has a knack for capturing contemporary family life.’ – The Newcastle Herald.


A mother's greatest fear... A wife's worst nightmare...

When two technology-related disasters hit within days of each other, Paula McInnes knows her comfortable suburban life has been irrevocably blown apart. One involves the public shaming of her teenage daughter, the other is a discovery about her husband that shocks her to her core. With her world unravelling around her, Paula does the only thing that makes any sense to her: she runs away from it all.

Paula pulls her children out of school and takes off on a trip across Australia with her elderly father and his caravan. The only rule is No Technology - no phones, no Facebook, no Instagram, no tablets, games or computers. It's time to get back to basics and learn how to be a family again.

It all sounds so simple - and for a while, it is. But along the way Paula will meet new, exciting complications, and realise that running away is only a temporary solution. The past has to be faced before the future can begin.

A thrilling, tender and hugely entertaining story of loss, love and discovery from the bestselling author of The Mothers' Group.

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